A Professional Approach

Every cleaning task is different and we have invested heavily in solving all cleaning problems. Each job is meticulously assessed and the appropriate techniques, equipment and personnel are used to give the ultimate return for your investment. Every customer is supplied with a detailed work plan that is tailored to your special needs. Whilst technology plays an important part in our business, we are also proud of our traditional cleaning practises, which depend upon good people working under excellent supervision. These people, who are the heart of our company, have been trained by us to handle all surfaces and to deal effectively with any situation which may occur. We have succeeded by investing in people, rigorous quality control and by listening to our customers. We have got where we are because we care.

The Complete Service

A service built by good people based upon..

  • Thirty years experience of all working enviroments
  • Meticulous contract planning
  • Excellent supervision and training
  • Combined technology with traditional cleaning practices
  • Rigourous quality control
  • An awareness of enviromental responsibilities
  • Correct balance between quality and economy
  • Complete dedication to customer satisfaction